• Create Alerts for up to 20 Wrestlers per user account per tournament
  • Create Alerts by selecting by team or by weight
  • Simply setup alerts for yourself, firends, or competitors
  • Get the Status of your wrestlers to know when they are on the boutboard
  • Easy to follow symbols for On BoutbBoard, On Deck, Live Wrestling, or not on boutboard.
  • Easily find out who the next competitor is for each wrestler
  • Get results from the tournament and store them in the local app


“You’ve out done your selves again.”

“So much information put into an easy to use app. My days of cramming in around the boutboard are done!”

“Keep the ideas coming, you guys keep making tournaments easier and easier to attend”

Version History

1.0 – Launched 12/11/2012
    Initial Launch – Support Ipod Touch/Iphone vs 3-5
1.1 – Launched 12/28/2012
  • Ipad Support
  • message on home screen to tell users to use kapwrestling.net login
  • minor bug fixes
1.2 – Launched 1/28/2013
  • Clear All alerts button
  • Collapse/Expand results
  • Added new icon for wrestlers who have moved onto next round but are still waiting for competitior (hour glass)
  • Pop up message if alerts are not available


  • Push Notifications
  • Android

Known Issues

Login Issues


5 years ago

The login screen says username (email) but only the username works. — Resolved 12/13/2012